A One-Week Focused Writing Retreat with 

Award Winning Author & Essayist

FRI 10TH AUG – FRI 17TH AUG 2018
Foix – Near Toulouse, France

•  Do you have a great book inside you that is (still) dying to come out?

• Are you midway through writing your book, but stuck on how to finish it?

• Do you promise yourself every day that you will start writing tomorrow?

• Have you found it impossible to find the time and quiet space to sit down and write?

• Does your inner critic keep you from expressing your message?

If any of the above sounds familiar…then this kick-ass, focused writing retreat is for YOU! Kelly helps you identify and remove your writing blocks, put pen to paper and remain accountable during a week spent in a traditional farmhouse situated in the heart of rural France.


Recharge Your Writing Passion

This unique, personal and exclusive writing retreat is for you if…

•  You have a book idea but are having trouble getting started.  Kelly works with you one-on-one to outline your book, develop your unique voice and chapter structure, and keep you accountable to reach your writing goals.  After 7 days, you’ll leave with a completed outline and beginning chapters!

•  You’ve dived into your book, but are stuck.  Kelly works with you one-on-one to edit and rework the outline to get you home!  You’ll leave with an invigorated manuscript and desire to finish your book.

•  You want to get the message of your book out into the world, but are unsure of or intimidated by how to do it.  Julie’s personal branding and marketing session will show you how to shine your light!

•  You long for individual help in an intimate setting:  This retreat is limited to only 6 people!


Your Retreat Hosts












Kelly Hayes-Raitt is an award-winning journalist and essayist who has helped dozens of authors start – and finish – their books and articles.  She offers one-on-one structural editing, support, accountability and the occasional butt-kick to help authors get their books out into the world.

She regularly writes about refugees and those whose voices need amplifying.  Her essays appear in 7 anthologies – three published by Random House in Rita Golden Gelman’s follow-up to Tales of a Female Nomad– and in nearly every daily newspaper in California, including the Los Angeles Times.  Her regular column in The Argonaut was named “second-best” by the Southern California Journalists’ Association.


She recently self-published How to Become a Housesitter:  Insider Tips from the HouseSit Diva, featured in USA Today, CNBC.com and the Globe and Mail.

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Julie Bryant is the founder of Naked Dragon and has worked with well-known publishers such as Hay House Books since 2003. She creates speaking platforms for authors to support them in getting their messages out into the world.

She has promoted and hosted more than 130 inspirational talks, workshops, retreats and special events throughout the U.K. and Europe.

Julie has helped many authors to build their personal brand and to build their confidence in public speaking, both on and off stage.

To read more about Julie and Naked Dragon, please click HERE

This is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all retreat with generic presentations of information that you might never implement. This is not a huge conference where you’ll collect dozens of business cards that will get dusty in your desk drawer. This is not a workshop focused on writing prompts that have nothing to do with your book project.

This is a unique writing retreat during which your personal needs, blocks and goals will be addressed, discussed, released and supported for 7 full days.  You will leave with a book you’ve made major progress on and are eager to finish and share with the world!

Once you’ve decided to give yourself this precious gift of time and quiet space to finally begin crafting or completing your book, you can relax and enjoy the experience of focusing exclusively on your writing.

Most days will begin with a brief session to create specific, personal goals and meditations that release any blocks to achieving those goals.  You will then be cut loose for 5 or 6 hours to write anywhere amidst the pastoral French countryside surrounding our farmhouse retreat:  In the fragrant gardens, by the refreshing swimming pool, or along any of the quiet footpaths.  We will reconvene in the early evening to evaluate how each person’s goals were met (or not).

Our emphasis is on accountability and support. Daily, you will have the opportunity meet with Kelly to address your individual writing conundrums – structure, voice, continuity, direction, whatever is keeping you stuck.

In the evenings, you and your fellow writers will have a chance to talk about your book so the group can brainstorm ideas and support your completing, publishing and marketing your new book!

This is a fantastic opportunity to finally make your book a reality!

Before the Retreat

Your writing journey with Kelly begins before the start of the retreat.  Once your deposit and participation have been confirmed, you will be sent a short questionnaire so Kelly can learn about your individual project.  

She’ll then schedule a 30-minute personal Skype call to discuss what’s keeping you stuck and what you hope to accomplish during the retreat.  She may also assign homework for you to complete before your arrival.

After the Retreat

You will also enjoy a Skype call with Kelly following the retreat to support your progress and reinforce your new writing habits, beliefs and goals.  Your success is our ultimate goal!

Booking your place

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