• Emma Reynolds

Bonjour from Le Freyche

After our first successful MBSR Mindfulness Retreat of the year (1-7th July), I thought I'd start a little Blog on life in France. Retreats, second-hand markets, French cheese, life in the lung....

We are living in a national park- I call it the lung. Surrounded by beautiful trees we all feel blessed to have found such a gorgeous part of the world. Everywhere you look it's green and full of life.

But how did we end up here? 2 Brits, one from the England, one from Scotland and Oscar, our 4 year old son


We looked for years for a place to escape to from Barcelona where we were living. But it wasn't until I was pregnant with Oscar that we escaped over the Pyrenees for the summer that we found the Ariege. It looked a bit like Shropshire, where I'm from, a bit like the Highlands, where my partner is from- but a lot sunnier. And a lot cheaper than in Catalonia. AND they had farmhouses and cottages, which was just what we were looking for :)

View from the Verandah

Our first dream cottage fell through, but after giving birth we ventured north again and Le Freyche was more or less the first place we saw and it was love at first sight.

Followed, quite quickly after signing for it by- OMG what have we done???

1.5 hectares of land, a forest to look after, a house to repaint, all to be completed suffering from a lack of sleep due to a 6 month old and a 4 hour drive over the mountains :)

Cheese from the local Food market

The dream wasn't at the time to run retreats- I'd only just started Meditating. But quite soon we realised that with a lot of hard work, we really did have a peach on our hands.

And not only that, the countryside was stunning, there were great food markets, second-hand markets, and locals weren't bad either. Everyone seems to be permanently happy. All that green and sunshine perhaps....

Green and pleasant land- oui?

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